Restaurant Consulting Services

Consulting Group Of Experienced Restaurant Consultants

W&W Restaurant Consulting Group was conceived by two restaurant professionals who understand that the reason restaurant franchises are successful is that they provide proven prototype systems for success. They know that with proven systems a new restaurateur can succeed without the burden of excessive monthly royalties. A typical restaurant franchise royalty could run between $60,000 and $100,000 annually. That’s money right off the bottom line; profits that the owner and risk taker should keep.

The two principals of W&W Restaurant Group are seasoned restaurateurs with over 80 years of combined owner/operator experience. They know what it takes to be successful and how to teach and implement the tools for success.

Tom Wilscam has created several ground-breaking restaurant concepts of his own and been a partner in two franchise restaurant companies. He has been in the restaurant industry as an owner/operator for 50 years and has owned and operated 27 restaurants nationally. Tom developed and owned the bagel chain that ultimately became Einstein Brothers Bagels. As a founding partner, he was instrumental in the development of two national franchise restaurant companies.

In 2009, Tom was inducted into the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Food Service Hall of Fame.

Tom authored a book entitled “So You Want To Open A Restaurant! which was edited by his partner, Dan Wolfson, and published in 2009.

Dan Wolfson honed his culinary skills early in his career by studying under several highly reputable chefs.  He is a graduate of the renowned School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Denver. In 1978 Dan purchased his first business in Grand Junction, Colorado and operated the city’s most successful fine-dining restaurant, discotheque and 40-room motel. He has operated several top restaurant concepts in the Denver area, worked with Sysco Food Services of Denver, developed state-of-the art restaurant accounting software for the food service industry, and taught college level courses in restaurant accounting, marketing and computer applications.

In 1991 Dan was recruited by a 15-unit family restaurant franchise as  president and chief operating officer.  In 1997, after leading a fundraising effort for capital from private investors and managing a $2 million renovation, he opened an interactive amusement park, which he owned and operated through 2008 when he successfully sold the business.

Tom Wilscam and Dan Wolfson (W & W) have successfully developed operational systems for restaurant franchises, chain and independent restaurants. Today they consult with aspiring restaurant entrepreneurs through the entire process, from creating the restaurant concept, to the architectural plan and build-out, to opening the doors for business, with no royalty payments ever required by the client.

Restaurant start-ups face a myriad of challenges ranging from site location to lease negotiations to setting up operational procedures.  With over 80 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, restaurant pros Tom Wilscam and Dan Wolfson can help make your start-up restaurant a success.