Making an investment in a new restaurant is a big step for any entrepreneur. W&W Restaurant Consulting Group can show you how to Create a Successful Turnkey Restaurant Operation using proven techniques accrued through their 80 years of restaurant experience.

From creating a restaurant business plan to restaurant management to site selection, Tom Wilscam and Dan Wolfson have a proven track record of successful restaurant openings.

Tom Wilscam created what later became the Einstein Bagel Company and together, they have been instrumental in making a number of other well-known restaurant franchises successful.

Utilizing these standard operational procedures, structured around a franchise style restaurant system, W&W Restaurant Group can help you feel comfortable about jumping into the startup restaurant business with a head start – a successful plan.

With successful restaurants in a number of ethnicities and in a variety of locations, Tom and Dan can show you how to make your restaurant operations a success.

From a 2005 article:
“This chain restaurant franchise opportunity is a tremendous chance to be a part of something you don’t find at typical fast food or pizza franchises. Grains of Montana means quality, which is why you’ll see and taste the freshness in every one of our breakfast recipes, pumpkin bread recipes and whole grain bread recipes explains Franchise Marketing Principal Tom Wilscam.

Working with successful restaurant consulting experts may be a huge help in making your new venture a success.