Your pre-opening and post-opening marketing plans are critical to your success.

One of the major hurdles for start-up restaurant owners is a Start-up Restaurant Marketing Plan. W&W Restaurant Consulting Group provides a detailed marketing plan based on the following outline:

1.0 Executive Summary
The main purpose of the startup restaurant marketing plan is to make it easier for the new restaurant owner to obtain financing to get his restaurant going.

By clearly defining the mission of the new restaurant, prospective financiers, from an SBA loan to private investors, can quickly decide if they want to continue reading your marketing plan. Knowing the key phrases and right words to use is one of the many benefits of using W&W Restaurant Consulting Group. Having started more than 80 restaurants – and being able to obtain financing to get these new ventures started – Tom Wilscam and Dan Wolfson have made the difference in getting an idea transformed into a new restaurant.

Keys to Success
The keys to success are different for every restaurant, but must be stated in terms that prospective financiers can understand.

2.0 Company Summary
Providing a comprehensive summary of the new restaurant franchise allows potential investors to make a decision on whether or not to continue reading the new restaurant marketing plan.

3.0 Services
This is where the restaurant owner outlines the services his restaurant will offer. From Chinese to Mexican, pizza to corner cafe, having a well outlined list of services that your restaurant offers helps potential investors see that the restaurant has a clear plan on what they will be offering.

4.0 Market Analysis Summary
A market analysis summary differentiates your potential restaurant from the other restaurants in your area. Showing that you understand who your clientele are and why they will come to your location shows insight into the research you have done to get your restaurant going. Having seasoned consultants help you analyze your market is just another benefit that W&W Restaurant Consulting Group brings to your restaurant.

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
The restaurant marketing plan needs a well thought out implementation strategy. Having seasoned professionals help the restaurant owner to develop a winning strategy and how they will implement it can mean the difference between a successful startup restaurant and the ones that are no longer running.

6.0 Management Summary
A clear concise management strategy is an integral part of a successful marketing plan and helps the owner/manager keep his team focused on this winning strategy.

7.0 Financial Plan
Of most importance to any potential financial partners is how this restaurant will make money and be successful. Having consultants with a proven track record and successful financing of more than 80 other restaurants can help the new restaurant owner get the financing he needs to take his new restaurant concept to an actual running restaurant. And wouldn’t you want to partner with a successful restaurant consulting firm, like W&W Restaurant Group?