W&W Restaurant Consulting Group guides you through the arduous process of restaurant menu planning & development.

How does your menu best support your brand?

How do you cross-utilize ingredients?

How many menu items should you have?

What about extras like adult beverages, appetizers, sides, and desserts?

What will sell and what won’t?

What’s the cost and the profit of each of your menu offerings?

How do you build your standardized Recipe Book?

How is each menu offering executed from cooking to serving?

These are just some of the many questions that must be considered to create a winning menu.  And make no mistake about it, a winning menu is one key to success.   Menu development is a intricate art that mixes culinary skills with operational and marketing skills.  W&W Restaurant Consulting Group will guide you to a final menu that is priced for profitability, that is executable, and that supports your brand.

Don’t try to do this alone!  Contact us for a free telephone consultation.