There are hundreds of decisions and tasks that have to be addressed in the process of opening a restaurant, with typically hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.  Where do you start?  W&W Restaurant Consulting Group makes the process logical and linear.  Even for the experienced restaurateur, a road map can translate into tens of thousands of dollars in savings.  Mistakes made in the planning process can cost the restaurateur potential profit for the life of the business.  For example, a poorly laid out equipment plan in the kitchen can reduce operational efficiency and dictate higher labor hours in order to meet production requirements.  Even inefficiencies that cause the need for 2 hours of extra labor on average per day will translate into nearly $10,000 of lost potential profits when accounting for hourly wage, payroll taxes and employee benefits.  That’s money out of your pocket simply because you laid it out wrong.

Why use a restaurant consultant?  In some cases, it’s a very good question.  Some consulting groups delegate the functions to relative “newbies” who have theoretical experience in the industry, but no real-world experience.  That’s not the case with W&W Restaurant Consulting Group.  Tom Wilscam and Dan Wolfson are your partners in the process of opening your restaurant.  Their combined experience opening and operating restaurants spans decades and includes concepts ranging from fine dining, to casual dining, to fast-casual, to fast food.  They have opened discotheques, night clubs, sports bars and even amusement parks!

There are too many huge decision points in the process to go it alone.  You need experienced consultants like W&W to keep you on course and advise you on the best way to go forward.