The restaurant business plan is an essential document for anyone opening a new restaurant. The primary purpose of a restaurant business plan, typically, is to raise money to fund the start-up, either through a bank or from investors. But, at W&W Restaurant Consulting Group, we believe that the restaurant business plan is an invaluable tool for our clients by being a road map for opening the restaurant. It lays out the concept and the process on paper with the financial data that supports the risk.

A professional restaurant business plan will articulate your concept and why the concept will be successful in the first section called “the Executive Summary”.  It will lay-out the timeline of development and within it, financial projections are presented.  These projections range from casting all of the capital and start-up costs, to projecting income and return-on-investment (ROI) over the course of the first five years.   Other financial projections may include an analysis of internal rate of return (IRR), break-even and a month by month cash flow analysis for the 1st year.

Restaurant business plan formats vary based on the who the audience is.  Banks look for certain things, while investors look for other things.  It takes a professional to write an effective business plan.  W&W Restaurant Consulting Group provides this service to all of our clients.  For more information, contact us or call (303) 941-8884