To increase your probability of success, a restaurant concept should be built around a specific “brand”. In essence, your brand defines who you are and who you are trying to appeal to. “Brand” encompasses many things: your logo, your signage, your colors, your service systems, your decor, your furnishings, the “feel” of your restaurant. Many aspiring restaurateurs fail to match their brand to the demographics of their location (or vice versa). This is a critical and usually fatal mistake. Many aspiring restaurateurs are “soft on brand”. They dilute their brand by trying to be “everything to everyone”. By doing so, they don’t stand out as unique and often tread water, but don’t establish themselves as different from the crowds. Your “brand” is intimately tied to your Mission Statement. Who do you want to be as a company and company culture? Once you’ve figured that out, and it can be an onerous process, then your branding will convey your Mission to the masses.

W&W Restaurant Consulting Group is skilled in assisting clients with establishing and defining their brand. With over 80 years of combined experience and dozens of restaurant openings under their belts, W&W are your partners in branding your restaurant.