W&W Restaurant Consulting Group stresses to clients that their managers must run the systems and the systems must run the restaurant.  In this way there is consistency, another key to success.   No “system” is more important than the Recipe Book.  Consider this; the average menu offering at a casual dining restaurant can be comprised of several separate recipes: cutting the fish, the breading for the fish, the cooking of the fish, the sauce or sauces on the fish, the vegetable accompaniment.

You must know the cost of each menu item in order to properly price it to meet your budgetary goal.   That means the each recipe within a menu item has to be priced out.  When it’s complete, the recipe book will contain every recipe that lies within the menu, standardized, priced with the most recent ingredient costs, and containing preparation instructions and, potentially, photos or videos.

W&W Restaurant Consulting Group can build your Recipe Book for you using the ChefTec Software.  For more information on the Recipe Book, submit the Contact Us form.