My name is Tom Wilscam and my company is W&W Restaurant Consulting Group. W&W has over 80 years of experience in  the restaurant and hospitality industry.  We advise and support aspiring restaurateurs who wish to create their own concept and open a unique restaurant, instead of buying a franchise.  As a franchisee, you could be paying 6 to 10% of gross sales in standard franchise royalties that could amount to as much as 40 to 50% of your net profits. We provide the same operational manuals, proven management systems and hands on training as a major franchise.  We charge only a one-time fee, payable in stages, with no ongoing royalties.

Restaurant Concept Development:


1. Start With a Profitable Concept

2. Why Use a Consultant?

3. Franchise vs. Your Own Concept 

4. Restaurant Business Plan

5. Menu & Recipe Development 

6. Restaurant Lay-out 

7. Restaurant Equipment  

8. Building a Brand 


We work with you to create a concept that fits your specific ideas, budget and market demographics. Whatever your desired concept, our philosophy is that there are three necessary criteria that we try to meet:

  1. The concept, in some form, must be proven by demonstrating profitability and staying power.  Your risk increases if you attempt to educate the market to a new concept.
  2. The concept, in it’s location, must show that it can gross one to two times the initial investment.
  3. It must show by its realistically projected operational numbers (rent, food cost, labor cost) that it can achieve Operating Income of 15 to 20% of Net Sales.

If you are serious about becoming a restaurant entrepreneur, now is the time. Landlords are willing to make better lease deals, and the government has increased SBA lending to help stimulate the economy. Give us a call at (866) 530-7042 or fill out the contact form and I will contact you to provide more detailed information. If you have a specific time when it will be more convenient for me to call, please note this in the message field and include your phone number .

Also, please understand that my call will not be an aggressive sales call and is intended to give you information only.