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In our opinion, effectively defining your restaurant’s brand is critical to your chances of success.  Consumers have so many choices now, restaurants need to stand out with a “personality”, which is, in essence, it’s brand.  If consumers can’t identify the restaurant  by something unique that it offers, your business risks being lost in the shuffle.    If you have the luxury (and energy) to create a new brand, it begins in the visioning phase of your restaurant concept.  It’s often defined in the Company’s mission statement.  There, where you’ve languished over 1) who you want a be as a Company for your customers, employees and community 2) what is your USP (unique selling point) 3) how will you deliver your product and service  4) what does your restaurant look like aesthetically, you define the brand you seek to be.

When we work with existing clients to re-define their brands, we find that many had a well-defined brand when they started but they strayed from it by trying to expand to be “something for everyone”.  In so doing, they diluted their brand and lost their identity.  It’s a critical mistake made in desperation to generate higher revenue.  If your brand has merit and you’ve done your homework and know there’s demand for your product, don’t dilute the brand, refine it.   Most importantly, stay committed to your brand and market it aggressively.  If you deliver it well, your sales will grow.

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