Several years ago the National Restaurant Association reported that 86% of those who purchased a national franchise, succeeded.  The criteria for success were being in business for five years or longer.  The same report stated that 82% of first time restaurateurs failed within the first year.

The stated reason for this outstanding disparage between success and failure was that the national franchise companies were able to provide their franchisees with proven formulas for success.  The primary reason for the failures of the first time restaurateurs were because they just did not know what they didn’t know about the restaurant business.

W&W Restaurant Group is a consulting company that provides the same start up and operational systems that the successful franchises do.  However, they only charge a nominal onetime fee, and do not charge an ongoing royalty fees.  W&W boast a success record of equal or better than reported by the successful franchises.

The development, and opening of a successful restaurant begins with a comprehensive Business Plan.  However, in order to successfully run a restaurant, an Operations Manual is essential, and will guide you with proven prototype systems in managing your restaurant.

If you are starting your restaurant with no franchise or consulting direction, an operations manual will need to be developed.  Not an easy task with no restaurant management/ownership experience.    The Operations Manual is one of the primary benefits provided by a franchise company and or W&W Restaurant Group.  The Ops Manual is a composite of proven formulas and systems for success.

It is important to understand that no single book or Manual can teach someone how to succeed in the restaurant industry.  The Manual should serve as a general guide for outlining policies, practices, and procedures.  The Manual is not intended to replace the necessary one-on-one-training that is absolutely necessary for all new employees.  The Operations Manual is designed to be a guideline for maintaining a consistent level for all employees on “how we do things.”  It is the “play book” that guarantees that all members of the team are on the same page.

The Employee Manual is separate from the Owner/Managers Operations Manual, and is provided to all new employees.

There are two additional manuals that are considered essential. Neither one should leave the restaurant’s premises:

1.)  Food Prep Procedure & Recipes

2)   Food Prep Schedule

Once again professional guidance is recommended for these additional operational  manuals.

For more information on how to develop the correct operation manuals for your restaurant, contact W&W Restaurant Consulting Group at 303-941-8884 or fill out a contact form.