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Have you read about our current Featured Project?

ZEAL – Food For Enthusiasts, Boulder, Colorado
Opened December 2013

Among the many services that W& W Restaurant Group provided for this recent client are the following:

1. Assisted with concept development to fit the Client’s specific market and
2. Assisted in the selection of a suitable site, and negotiating advice for a
functional lease and asset purchase.
3. Assisted the Client in preparing financial projections with projected sales,
budgeted costs, cash flow, and return on investment.
4. Assisted architects and designers in an operationally effective lay-out design.
5. Provided an equipment list with specifications, and coordinating ordering and
installation through a reputable allied national restaurant equipment dealer.
6. Provided operational manuals including company policies, job descriptions,
operational procedures, control forms, and menu recipes.
7. Assisted in establishing vendor relationships and competitive vendor pricing.
8. Client training in all phases of menu production and restaurant operations prior
to opening the business.
9. Interviewing & training of key personnel.
10. Assisted in the store opening for a period of 14 days.
11. Assisted in building pre-opening and ongoing strategic marketing plans.
12. W&W is continuing consultation services for the initial 12 months of restaurant

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