When deciding on your restaurant concept, there are several factors that must be considered:

First, you must think of your restaurant as a product to be sold.  That leads automatically to the next question; what product will appeal to the most people in the area where you plan to open?  The economy of the area – what your customers are willing to pay for good food and service — will determine the price point (median pricing) of your menu.

Certainly, the economy in the chosen area should play a part in the decision of your concept.  During tough economic times people will still eat out.  However, the more expensive “white table cloth” full service restaurants, will suffer the most.  The general public more often will tend to make their restaurant choice based on its price points.

Next, the lifestyle of the majority of people in the area is critical.  Are you in a rural or an urban environment?  The geographic area of the country should influence your concept and menu decisions.   A concept that may work in the south may not work as well in the north. A western cowboy or California surfer motif may not work in a blue collar, industrial area.  A concept geared to an urban office environment may not work in an urban residential area.  A concept that seems a natural in an urban college town may go down in flames in a rural area.

The demographics of an area are extremely important and are a major influence in determining the right location for your restaurant.  As you outline the requirements for your dream restaurant, consider this all of these factors & most importantly fit the concept to the demographics of the location.

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