The success of any independent restaurant start-up business begins and ends with the internal staff that the owner surrounds themselves with.  That selection process is initiated with effective recruiting of people that fit your brand image.

The process of creating and placing a recruiting ad is very important to the success of the ad.  A professionally done ad that stands out and generates more attention will generate more response and often higher-quality candidates.  A well-placed ad will have a residual effect and will continue to create responses after the ad stops running because of the    impression of   the company you can create on the candidate.  A good recruitment ad should accomplish the following:

  • The ad should generate qualified inquiries by reaching and motivating the particular audience your company is seeking.
  • It should create a favorable employer image.  A large portion of readers read recruitment ads regularly, whether or not they are seeking employment.  A good ad will make a good impression for future customers as well as employees.
  • It should have a positive effect on present employees. A good independent restaurant ad will attract good people, and confirm the current employees own choice of employer, which in turn will contribute to their morale and reduce turnover.
  • Everyone wants to work for a winner.


There are no ready-made formulas or recipes to develop effective and creative recruitment ads, but there are some helpful guidelines that can contribute to this goal.

Before writing an ad, review:  Who, What, Where, and When.  This means:

1) who are you trying to attract as candidates?

2) What positions are you hiring for, and is this highly competitive?  What skills will the candidate need?  What benefits, salary, and job opportunities are you willing to offer?

3)  What media method and when is the best time to solicit the candidates?  Weekends?  Weekdays?  For the best response for general      restaurant employment use a web site source, I.e. Craig’s List

This information will provide a starting point in the preparation and planning to write the ad.  While writing the ad, keep in mind that the success of the ad will be judged on the following traits:

  • Interest – does the headline have a strong impact that will attract readers’ interest?  Avoid clichés.
  • Information – does the ad give enough information about the job and company to attract qualified applicants?
  • Visibility – is the ad large enough to compete with other ads?
  • Believability – does the ad avoid sweeping generalities that sound unrealistic?
  • Uniqueness – does the ad fit your organization, not just any organization?
  • Human element – does the ad sound and look as if directed to an individual versus a group?
  • Action orientation – does it provide the reader with the information necessary to act.
  • Cost effectiveness – does it provide you with good quality and quantity of applicants?



Some essential parts to a good ad that should appear without fail are:

  • The name of the restaurant.
  • The location of the restaurant.
  • Time applicants should apply.
  • How to apply
  • Statement of equal opportunity employer (E.E.O).


Pre-Screening Information:

The information in the ad can be a good tool for pre-screening the candidates and for helping the prospective candidates identify.  For example, if you list the salary & or wage range that you are willing to pay; you will discourage individuals wanting higher compensation.  In doing so, you will be cutting time, energy, and cost by not interviewing and responding to irrelevant resumes.

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