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The Right Concept

  • Does your concept fit your location?
  • Is your concept proven by similar successful operators?
  • Can your concept generate revenue that’s 2 times your investment in the first calendar year?
  • Can you push 15% margin in Operating Income?
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The Right Location

  • Is your location the right size for your concept?
  • Does your location have roadside appeal?
  • What are the competitive dynamics in your area?
  • How is your ingress and egress?
Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria

The Right Lease

  • Will your lease require the landlord to contribute dollars to your build-out?
  • Is your lease structured with the right initial and option terms?
  • Does your lease rate translate into 8% or less of your projected sales?
  • Can you negotiate the best terms possible with a very experienced commercial landlord?
Restaurant Consulting

The Right Systems

  • Do your systems run the restaurant and your managers run the systems?”
    Does your Point-of-Sale system meet your restaurant’s needs?
  • How are you set up to track your labor and product costs and make timely adjustments?
  • Do you have operational manuals that define your operating philosophies and procedures?

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Build Your Restaurant On A Foundation For Success By Applying The 4 Rs

We can work with you to create a concept that fits your specific ideas, budget and market demographics. Whatever your desired concept, there are three necessary criteria that we follow.

Come to W & W Restaurant Consulting Group and utilize our services to help you research your new restaurant's location and help you with the site selection.

For the best in Restaurant Lease Negotiation and Market Analysis, W&W Restaurant Consulting Group can save you time and money and help get your restaurant franchise up and running efficiently from day one.

Learn to run the restaurant through operational systems. Systems designed for a consistent and repetitious performance of job procedures. Instead of having to personally direct every aspect of the operation, have a systems that runs the restaurant.
One of the more daunting aspects for the startup restaurant entrepreneur is the amount of royalties you will pay to go with the major restaurant franchisers. W&W Restaurant Consulting Group changes the game by bringing you franchise restaurant consulting with no royalties. For a one time fee, W&W Restaurant Consulting Group will provide you with the best information in restaurant franchising to use in your startup restaurant. From site selection and assessment to creating a business plan, arranging financing and creating operational procedures to staffing, menu development and on-going operations, W&W Restaurant Consulting Group will make your new restaurant a success.

At W&W Restaurant Consulting Group, we guarantee results. Dan Wolfson and Tom Wilscam are your restaurant consultants from start to finish! We are the leading organization which is providing restaurant consultancy services and franchise restaurant with high quality services. With the help of our experienced and skilled restaurant consultants we are able to help you in starting your own restaurant business.

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